Even though, from a todays point of view, these pictures seem to be harmless, the

message of John Palatinus photography is very strong. Discover the untold story behind

the work of the last VINTAGE photographer still alive.

A police raid and arrest (see article) finished in 1959 the first carrier of Palatinus. Fifty

years later, now 81years old John, presents his first art show ever at Antebellum Gallery in

Los Angeles raising high interest and sympathies all over. A second show in San Francisco

followed and even Germanys GQ Magazine did cover the story.

SERVICEWERK BERLIN exclusively organizes the European tour of this exhibition. Any

exhibitors, venues, journalists etc. may please get in touch using the contactform via

http://www.servicewerk-berlin.de/palatinus/kontakt.htm to be involved.

______________________Excerpt Press_____________________________________

Friday, January 30, 1959

Cops Raid Ring Selling Lewd Male Photos

Police and postal inspectors have smashed an international pornography ring that peddled

photos and lewd sketches of nude men to some 100,000 customers throughout North

Amerca and Europe.
Police said the ring averaged $10,000 worth of photo sales a day to homosexuals. Seven

men were arrested and more than 120,000 photos, sketches and negatives were seized in

four raids conducted by 13 detectives and four postal inspectors.

The seven suspects were booked on pornography charges.

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